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The Bassermann Cultural Foundation Mannheim

Following the family tradition of civic involvement in their hometown, the Bassermann family established the Bassermann Cultural Foundation Mannheim in August of 2008. The mission of the foundation is to promote the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen as a public institution of the arts, culture, scholarship, and research. The foundation particularly supports music and the fine arts. The Bassermann Cultural Foundation’s Bassermannhaus gave a museum devoted to music to the music metropolis of Mannheim. The foundation funded the museum’s construction and also covers the museum’s ongoing operation and professional work. The Bassermannhaus Museum of Music and Fine Arts is the basic medium for the foundation’s pursuit of its interests. Six floors were built for the new museum as well as the Klaus Tschira Physical Dating Laboratory on a plot of 800 m². Another forum for the presentation of the collections’ holdings and special exhibitions was created on the ground floor and second floor. Its organization is driven by the themes of art, music, and world cultural history set forth in the foundation’s objectives. The Bassermann Cultural Foundation Mannheim also plays a role in concretely implementing the stated objective of the Curt Engelhorn Foundation for the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen to make the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen a nationally and internationally recognized center of art and cultural history. The foundations’ boards of directors are conjointly members of the Curt Engelhorn Foundation’s board of directors. The mutual objectives of the Curt Engelhorn Foundation and the Bassermann Cultural Foundation are manifested in the membership of the Bassermann Cultural Foundation’s board of trustees in the Curt Engelhorn Foundation’s board of trustees.