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Java – deep rainforests, volcanos, massive temples. The islands of Indonesia were home to Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms for some 1000 years. The so-called Classical Javanese Period lasted from the 7th to the 15th century AD. Unique objects of incomparable beauty were crafted in the days of this fascinating culture. Many of them are made of imperishable gold. The breathtaking opulence of the filigree objects is without equal in form and decoration. “Javagold” unites around 400 golden treasures from the kingdoms on the Indonesian islands – jewelry, statues, ornamental objects and ritual items. Apart from their decorativeness, these treasures invariably have social or religious functions, too. They tell of a highly developed society that emphasized beauty ritualized by gold objects. Power, religion and the pursuit of everlasting beauty coalesce into a unique mirror of Hindu and Buddhist artistry.

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