Versunkene Geschichte. Archäologie an Rhein und Neckar

Sunken History. Archeology on the Rhine and Neckar

Era of Humans

The first part of the exhibition, “Era of Humans”, tells the stories of the early humans and carries the visitors away into in an age long passed. We encounter a forest elephant, which lived in central European forests between 780 000 and 125 000 years ago. A modern replica shows how impressive the animal’s appearance might have been.

The introduction to the gallery tour has the motto ‘how did we become what we are’. The visitor will find traces of early humans in Europe like amongst others the lower jaw of the so-called homo heidelbergensis and a reconstructed bust of the “human from Mauer”. Finally, the environment of Neanderthal man is brought to life in a naturalistic reconstruction of a rock with a cave entrance.

The gallery tour continues with the ‘arrival of modern humans’, which promises a very special family reunion: a diorama recreates a late summer day 30,000 years ago when Neanderthals and modern humans spend time together under a rock shelter. The display further offers many fascinating exhibits. The artefacts from the Old and Middle Stone Age provide much insights into the art, hunting, collecting, living and the environment many thousands of years ago.