Unsichtbare Welten

Invisible Worlds

22 May 2022 – 30 July 2023

Museum Weltkulturen

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About the exhibition

Our eyes are wonderful, but we can't see everything with them. There is still much to discover – in nature, in space, in our bodies and even in our thoughts. Eight discovery islands on the major themes of “Origin”, “Life”, “Waves”, “Thoughts”, “Mystery”, “Earth”, “Brain” and “Cosmos” invite visitors to an interactive museum experience with exciting and diverse hands-on stations.

Here, young and old alike try out what can be made visible: tiny things, sounds or ideas, for example. Young visitors experience how a bat finds its way in complete darkness and discover how the brain works. They discover how tiny particles vanish into thin air before their eyes or how fossilized creatures used to look alive and how continents move. Children become researchers themselves and try out what nature and humans have developed and invented to make the invisible visible.

Recommended for children 6 years and up.

The project is made possible by the support of the Klaus Tschira Foundation Heidelberg

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Opening hours

22 May 2022 – 30 July 2023
Tue – Sun 11.00 – 18.00
Closed on mondays, 24th december and 31st december


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