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About the museum

Young Friedrich Schiller celebrated his first successes as a playwright on Mannheim’s soil. The young genius spent two exciting years crucial to his further professional career here from July of 1783 to April of 1785 before being drawn to Leipzig and Weimar. During this time, Schiller lived at various residences in Mannheim. His last abode was probably the Hölzel House at B5, 8 in Mannheim. While this architectural ensemble no longer exists, the surviving neighboring complex at B5, 7 conveys an impression of young Schiller’s living situation in the final months of his sojourn in the city.

Given Mannheim’s significance for Friedrich Schiller’s life as a poet, the Society of Friends of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen (rem) initiated the establishment of the Schillerhaus Museums here in 2005. A media installation presents the events surrounding the premiere of “The Robbers” in Mannheim and the dramatic circumstances of Schiller’s flight from Stuttgart in an appealing contemporary form. Graphics annotated with text captions elucidate Schiller’s significance in the context of the history of regional literature and theater in Mannheim in the waning 18th century.

New conceptual highlights developed in close collaboration between the Society of Friends and the museums in 2014 have been added to the museum’s educational mission. Taking up the idea of Friedrich Schiller’s significance for the history literature and theater, the redesign is intended to intensify literature history and literary activities as well as scholarly research and documentation in the fields of the history literature and theater in Mannheim. The intensive conceptual expansion of the literary activities in the Schillerhaus Museum was made possible by expanding the Literature Forum on the ground floor in 2013 with funds from the Society of Friends of the rem.

What is more, an apartment added to the top floor of the museum in 2014 provides lodging scholarship fellows working on research in the field of the history of regional literature and theater.