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Archaeological Heritage Preservation

Archaeological Heritage Preservation at the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen contributes to scholarly knowledge gain too. The staff are tasked by Stuttgart district government State Heritage Management Agency (LAD) with conducting smaller excavations and field surveys prior to construction, primarily in Mannheim’s numerous districts but occasionally also in Ilvesheim, Edingen-Neckarhausen and Heddesheim. Excavated archaeological material remains in Mannheim and is cleansed, labeled, photographically documented, inventoried and properly packed for storage in the archaeological storage facility after excavation. Unit conservators conserve and restore select ceramic, metal, glass or organic artifacts until they are ready for exhibition. A large number of these objects of regional and trans-regional origin and representing all of the region’s prehistoric and protohistoric epochs, are on display in the exhibition “Versunkene Geschichte” (Sunken History) at the Museum Weltkulturen. They are striking evidence of this region’s major cultural history riches.

Another key archaeological activity is educating the public about archaeological issues. Regularly organized excursions lead to nearby cultural-historically significant sites and even into the Kraichgau or to the Donnersberg in the Rhineland-Palatinate. Current excavation events are publicized in lectures. Scholars not only guide tours through the archaeology exhibitions but also the city of Mannheim. Former or current excavation sites are explored and illustrated with visual documentation. Baroque-era architecture is sought out on thematic guided tours. Open Heritage Day and Open Construction Site Day, when the interested public is given the opportunity to visit excavation sites and view finds, are big hits. Anyone unable to attend the guided tours personally can read up on archaeological issues in the Mannheimer Geschichtsblätter or monographs or explore them in digital offerings.


Archäologische Denkmalpflege

Dr. Klaus Wirth, Leitung Archäologische Denkmalpflege und Restaurierungsateliers

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