The Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen

We are a vibrant contemporary institution that is opening fascinating prospects for the future with treasures from the past.

The Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen

For presenting our extensive collections and special exhibitions we have plenty of room in our museums:

  • Museum Zeughaus with Forum Internationale Photographie
  • Museum Weltkulturen
  • Museum Bassermannhaus with ZEPHYR – Raum für Fotografie
  • Museum Peter und Traudl Engelhornhaus (newly built)


Museum Zeughaus

Location: C5, 68159 Mannheim

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Museum Weltkulturen

Location: D5, 68159 Mannheim

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Museum Bassermannhaus für Musik und Kunst

Location: C4,9, 68159 Mannheim

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Museum Peter und Traudl Engelhornhaus

Location: C4,12, 68159 Mannheim

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Forum Internationale Photographie

in the Museum Zeughaus

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ZEPHYR – Raum für Fotografie

in the Museum Bassermannhaus

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Research + Foundations

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Since the creation of the Curt-Engelhorn-Stiftung in 2001, the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen have established themselves as a center of scholarly excellence in the realm of national and international research. The opening of the Curt-Engelhorn-Zentrum Archäometrie (CEZA) and the establishment of the Curt-Engelhorn-Zentrum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte (Curt Engelhorn Art and Cultural History Center) have been instrumental to this. The Curt-Engelhorn-Zentrum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte’s research units and projects deepen the foci of the rem’s individual collections and tie them in with international scholarship. The Forschungsstelle Geschichte und Kulturelles Erbe (History and Cultural Heritage Research Unit) (FGKE) is geared toward the study of cultural and transcultural processes.

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The museum and exhibition work of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen is supported by four foundations: the Curt-Engelhorn-Stiftung, the Bassermann-Kulturstiftung Mannheim the Brombeeren-Stiftung and the Fördererstiftung für die rem. Grants and funds from these foundations’ revenues are pooled by the rem gGmbH
Stiftungsmuseen to work on projects. Scholarly research is additionally funded by the Curt-Engelhorn-Stiftung.

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The Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen history

The roots of the collections' holdings date back the day of the electors Carl Philipp and Carl Thodor.

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Aims + Management Structure

The Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen (rem) have established themselves in recent years as an internationally operating complex of museums, an outstanding venue for exhibitions and a major center of research. The museum world is subject to constant change too and adopting new ideas: Digitalization, diversity, accessibility and social participation are as pertinent to museums as provenance research and the reappraisal of collections from colonies. The rem are actively tackling the tasks and challenges awaiting the treasuries of our cultural heritage, thus making an important sociopolitical contribution. The special construct of the rem museum group with its diverse collections and research institutions provides unique conditions for this.

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