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The Research Units

Since the establishment of the Curt Engelhorn Foundation in 2001, the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen have established themselves as a center of scholarly excellence in the domain of national and international research.

The opening of the Curt Engelhorn Archaeometry Center (CEZA) with the Klaus Tschira Archaeometry Center at the University of Heidelberg (based in Mannheim) and of the the Curt Engelhorn Art and Cultural History Center has played a major role in this.

The Curt Engelhorn Art and Cultural History Center’s research units and projects delve into the individual collections of the rem and connect them with international research.

The History and Cultural Heritage Research Center (FGKE) studies cultural and transcultural processes.

The rem have had a Department of Archaeological Heritage Preservation again since 1992. It has been entrusted by the government to preserve cultural heritage in both the city and environs of Mannheim.

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